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Our business was started to provide support in conducting clinical trials in Ukraine. Since then the list of our services has substantially increased as well as the company’s team and geographic locations.

Today we invite experienced professionals within the industry to work on our projects. People working for us have at least a 5-year experience and firsthand knowledge in the field of their responsibilities. As such, PharmaSich is not just a group of people working together but a team of experts.

Many of us started their professional careers as practicing doctors and medical professionals – the fact that distinctly influenced our way of doing business together.

The key founder of the company, Dr. Sergii Myronenko, once an anesthesiologist at an ICU and a Toxicology Department, is now the Chief Executive Officer and Member of Extended Executive Board of European CRO Federation (EUCROF). With more than a decade of experience in clinical trials covering versatile aspects of site management and clinical conduct, Sergii is now eager to give his company a boost.

Most influencing ideas for business development often come from newcomers and people invited from outside. The company widely utilizes the help of freelancers and external consultants. People with different background and experience of working in top pharma companies and CROs, make their input in building up on our business processes and identifying new business opportunities.

One of the mainstreams of our company’s values is our ambition to create a beneficial environment for exceptional people. We hire people who can add to our collective experience and who either share our core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values. We look for employees who are not just the most talented but also the best suited to our company. Our people are our most valuable asset – together with our client centricity they are the bedrock of our business.

To support and to retain our people, we provide them with competitive salary and healthy work conditions, we readily show our appreciation of their exceptional work, we nourish a nonhierarchical and inclusive atmosphere, we stimulate ideas sharing and education in its various forms.

We strive to sufficiently challenge and reward our people to ensure their constant personal growth and high performance.

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