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Our Advantages

We create differences that might transform into your benefits

-        Competence/Expertise
Our partners can rely on our ability to provide best solutions possible in the business environment we operate in. Local specifics are part of the set of hurdles that companies have to deal with to enter Eastern European markets. We hire local professionals with at least 5 years of industry experience. With a highly experienced staff that we have, you may rest assured that your business project will get all the support needed to minimize risks, costs and terms. We know the ins and outs!


-        Customer centricity
When it comes to pharma-service projects, such as clinical trials, for example, a lot of business tasks are similar from project to project. Yet again, every company and every project at hand is to some extent unique and at certain point might require additional effort to effectively deal with. We like to think that unlike large CROs our approaches are more flexible and we can afford to be a customer-driven company – the thing that our competitors may easily declare but most often than not are unable to actually deliver. We listen to understand, not to give a fast reply!


-        Cost-effectiveness
PharmaSich is determined to eliminate the discomfort clients may experience due to exceeded budgets or high financial burden. To achieve a more appealing cost-effectiveness we use local vendors and have low administrative expenditures. With the experienced project managers on the team we can determine and minimize possible risks capable of influencing costs. Where other service providers negotiate budget revisions, we manage expenses in a prudent way. Our customers always stay within their budget!


-        Partnership
Building lasting and productive relationships is essential for our business. We are interested to have you as our client for as long as possible. We are ready to learn from you and adjust to your business practices and preferences. At some point we just want to become your trusted business partners.
In the climate of mutual trust, confidence and buoyancy, we know there are professionals ready to get involved and be the part of our projects. We value our partners!

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