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Medical translations

We offer medical translations for Life Sciencse Industry in several European languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • German
  • French


A known limitation of medical translations is that they are full of medical terms and abbreviations that are familiar only to inner circle of medical professions dealing with a particular medical condition. As a result, medical translations can be a challenge. To successfully deal with this we cooperate with a group of trusted linguists, all of them have either medical, pharmacological or legal backgrounds and have been involved in medical translations for quite some time now.


As for clinical trials, we provide translations for a variety of materials emerging during the lifespan of a study including study start documents, adverse events, study results, clinical trial documents, IND reports, and product labeling.


When it is required, we also provide back translations of your globally approved study documents: Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), Investigator’s Brochures, Protocols, educational presentations, instructions, SOPs, FAQs, etc.


We also translate source documents as part of your distant monitoring activities and trial overview. As most of source documents are still being hand-written in Ukraine, it takes skills and experience to recognize and interpret medical notations accurately. In this field we also serve international clinics which admit patients from Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries and need to have their medical notes translated.


Our translators with legal backgrounds and experience with pharma industry provide highly professional translations of legal documents like Clinical Trial Agreements, Powers of Attorney. We perform legalisation of documents in Ukraine (apostille, local notarization).


Our translators also deal with registration dossiers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for regulatory submissions in Ukraine.


In contrast to conventional translation agencies, our policy to utilize staff who all have medical, pharmacological or legal backgrounds in addition to linguistic skills significantly improves the quality and does not require additional validation by subject matter experts.

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